Why Restaurants Loves Us?

Pepper Touch is loaded with smart front-end features that will give your staff the power to work quicker, reduce errors, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

 Single/Multiple Location

  • Manage your restaurant chains and franchises from a single place
  • Keep an eye on your each and every branch closely
Manage restaurant chains and franchises feature – pepper touch pos
Order management feature – pepper touch

Order Management

  • Reorder function
  • Menu item search
  • Delete or void menu items or an entire table

Kitchen Management

  • Track cooking and preparation times by tapping items when they’ve started or been completed
  • Quickly and easily close chits by swiping them away
  • View old tickets and reopen them if necessary
  • Color code tickets to indicate at a glance how long they've been waiting
  • View a quick summary of all items currently in progress
  • Notify when the new ticket arrives
Restaurant kitchen management feature – pepper touch pos
Faster table rotation feature – pepper touch

Fast Table Rotation

  • Add & Delete seats to/from tables
  • Move item to another table
  • Move entire table one to another
  • Move take-out orders to tables

Phone Order

  • Save Time Processing Orders
  • Increase Customer Service
  • Create a Sense of Ownership for Customers
  • Increase Data Control
  • Place Orders From Anywhere
  • Manage Delivery / Take Out Orders
Phone order management feature – pepper touch pos software
Data theft prevention control feature - pepper touch point of sale

Data Theft Prevention

  • Enable security features that require a manager passcode to perform certain actions
  • Keep a track of what gets billed and what not.
  • All voids & offers are permission basedk
  • A complete history is maintained of what goes inside the software.

Always On Mode (Remote Access)

  • Because its Cloud based, whether Internet slows down or power outage, your business continues to process
  • Anytime, Anywhere
  • Always up-to-date with work
Restaurant management – remote access  feature – pepper touch pos
Custom menu feature – pepper touch pos software

Customized Menu

  • Add/edit categories & menu items
  • Hide menu categories for breakfast/lunch/dinner menus
  • Add/edit forced modifiers & side dishes
  • Assign menu items to multiple ticket printers
  • Hide out-of-stock menu items

Offers Integrations

  • Add/Edit/Update current/new offer
  • Generate Discount Codes
  • Go live with Food Deals
Restaurant easy integration feature – pepper touch
Communication feature – pepper touch pos software

Communication Features

  • Keep in touch with each and every one from anywhere
  • In-app Chat Feature will keep everyone updated with the restaurant status
  • Specify cooking instruction per item
  • Custom modifiers instruction
  • Keep track of daily discounts
  • Manage customer contacts

Payment Features

  • Payments are automatically calculated once the items are added to an order.
  • As bills are generated quickly, you save time in taking payments.
  • This in turn will help your staff turn tables faster.
  • All types of Payments are acceptable
Payment Features – pepper touch point of sale
All type of Reports – feature – pepper touch pos


  • Monthly/Weekly/Daily Final calculation
  • Determining food costing
  • Easy Tax Calculation
  • Final accounts
  • Balance sheet