Getting Creative with Entertainment in Your Restaurant

VISHAL SHAH/ December 26, 2017/ Restaurant Tips

From the blushing teens out on their first date to the young entrepreneur celebrating her first breakthrough in business, restaurants are a world of their own. I remember how rare it used to be for families to visit a restaurant every weekend, but that does not seem odd any longer. Restaurants have flourished exceptionally well in these recent years especially

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Importance of a Kitchen Display System in a Restaurant

VISHAL SHAH/ August 16, 2017/ Kitchen Display System

For the people to dine and enjoy quality time in a restaurant it is important that the backend of the kitchen functions smoothly. Amidst the glorification of the front technology for the backend is usually not thought about. However, a well-organized kitchen is the key to satisfy your customers. Having a Kitchen Display System or KDS in place optimizes the

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Avoid Dual Taxation With A Superior Quality Peppertouch POS

VISHAL SHAH/ July 21, 2017/ GST on Restaurants

Why Choose Peppertouch POS? With the launch of GST(Goods & Service Tax), the need for a point of sale (POS) software has become more important in order to have a smoothly restaurant management and to stay right beside the rapidly growing restaurant business sector. Especially, the Peppertouch POS software of superior quality with customized tax facility has a rising demand

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Are You Looking for The Ideal Restaurant PoS System?

VISHAL SHAH/ June 6, 2017/ Features

Consider These Factors To Find One Suitable For Your Restaurant Everyone wants to have the best of things. So what do you think are the ingredients which go into the making of the Best Restaurant PoS System? We did some deep thinking and extensive brainstorming to understand the needs of restaurants when it comes to billing software. Here’s what we

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Tips To Open a Successful Restaurant

VISHAL SHAH/ May 14, 2017/ Restaurant Tips

Tips To Open a Successful Restaurant Every year, many small business owners around the country decide to open a restaurant. Unfortunately, the odds are against them. Sixty percent of these restaurants will fail within the first year, and by the fifth year, 80 percent will have closed down. One way to increase your odds is to discover the ‘recipe for

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7 Keys to Selecting POS Restaurant Management Software in India

VISHAL SHAH/ April 26, 2017/ Features

Today, there is a need to search a point of sale (POS) restaurant management software that can keep up with the fast-paced, fast-growing restaurant business industry. Contemporary POS software has advanced into an instrument that restructures each and every aspect of the restaurant business, right from basic experience to administrative responsibilities and user experience as well. If you are in

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