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Ahmedabad is a city of foodies. Opening a restaurant here meant that we had to be on our toes all the time. The pace of innovation in the menu, the presentation of foods, guest experience and the ambience has to be really high to stay competitive. I have been in the food business long enough to understand the heightened demands of the customers. This is why I had made up my mind that when it came to picking a Restaurant Point of Sale, I couldn’t settle for anything less than impeccable.How Pepper Touch PoS Transformed My Restaurant’s Frenzied Landscape

I chose Pepper Touch PoS because in all its robustness and accuracy, it offered me an assurance that I needed to start my own restaurant. In the course of a month’s time, I have already started reaping the benefits of PepperTouchPoS system which I feel is the best PoS for restaurants. My staff finds it easy, and my customers are pleased with the efficiency of the restaurant.

Why I chose to ditch stationary PoS for a mobile one?
When mobiles are the way to go then why stick to traditional PoS systems which can only limit my staff’s abilities? I find it easier for my employees to jot down orders in a tablet. They enjoy the touch of technology and the ability to work on something familiar, and my guests find it trendy too.
This cloud based PoS system for restaurants aims at productivity, speed, and overall customer satisfaction. Order errors are minimized and the system is scalable for me to envision growth without having to worry about changing my current PoS system.

Does it matter whether the system is simple or complex?
There is no doubt that it does! Restaurant Point of Sale systems need to have lots of features and functionalities which can help a restaurant meet the increasing needs of the guests. But the abundance of features and functionality does necessarily have to mean that it cannot have a user-friendly interface.

If you are looking for an ideal restaurant PoS system then I would recommend because it is a feature-rich system with an easy interface. It has saved me precious time and also reduced the costs of training the employees. It reduces employee frustration and errors – both of which I have experienced previously when I was not using this system.

Why I chose Pepper Touch PoS?
• It features a user-friendly interface
• Makes it easy for me to make changes to guest orders
• The system is secure and reduces the security risks which plague the restaurant business
• Mobility of the app means that my staff can reduce order errors
• Allows me to keep a check on my restaurant from any part of the world
• Support for the system is easily accessible

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