VISHAL SHAH/ July 21, 2017/ GST on Restaurants

Why Choose Peppertouch POS?

With the launch of GST(Goods & Service Tax), the need for a point of sale (POS) software has become more important in order to have a smoothly restaurant management and to stay right beside the rapidly growing restaurant business sector. Especially, the Peppertouch POS software of superior quality with customized tax facility has a rising demand now as it can help the restaurant owners to avoid dual taxation and allow them to charge food and drink item separately with the correct taxes as per the rules of the government. Let’s see what are the GST effects on restaurants without a POS software with customized tax facility.

Avoid Dual Taxation With A Superior Quality Peppertouch POS

Where does the problem lie?

Under the new taxation rule, restaurants with air conditioning facility can charge 18% GST and restaurants without air conditioning facility can charge 12% GST. Previously, customers used to pay VAT(Vale-added Tax) and service tax, which are now immersed in GST. However, without customize restaurant POS many restaurants are till charging restaurant GST on amounts which already comprise of the other taxes.

Hence, many consumers have protested against the dual taxation at restaurants where both VAT and GST on food items are charged on the same bill. People are starting to ask questions regarding this because of what they have understood about the concept of GST. They recognize that all the prevailing indirect taxes including VAT, that were earlier charged by the restaurants, are now incorporated in GST.

Restaurants Levying Both GST And VAT On Alcohol

Moreover, for now charging VAT on liquor items is a matter of State government and Central government has no right there. Furthermore, for now the alcohol has been let off out of the GST and so as of now alcohol is still taxed under VAT and not under GST. But still some restaurants are levying both GST and VAT on alcohol.

Your restaurant also might be facing this issue because of the software you use to run the restaurant. This problem can be overcomed easily with the help of a customize restaurant POS system. Peppertouch pos is one such name that has the customization tax facility on product level i.e, which tax is applied on which product.

Other points that make Peppertouch pos is the perfect choice for all restaurant owners are its userfriendly interface, high level of security and robustness.

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