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For the people to dine and enjoy quality time in a restaurant it is important that the backend of the kitchen functions smoothly. Amidst the glorification of the front technology for the backend is usually not thought about. However, a well-organized kitchen is the key to satisfy your customers. Having a Kitchen Display System or KDS in place optimizes the operations of the restaurants’ kitchen.

Kitchen Display System

A KDS is actually a display monitor which is put up in the kitchen and integrated with point of sale systems software which displays all the orders that have been placed in it. Here is how a KDS will let you ameliorate the efficacy of any restaurant.

  1. Order Up: With a Kitchen Display System in place, all orders are sent automatically to the kitchen monitor from the servers carrying any special requests if asked for. There are many times that a Kitchen Order Ticket or KOT could be lost or misplaced. Going back and asking for customer who has long been waiting to eat to order once again is not something you want. Things will be paper free and everything will be systematic with a KDS. There will be no confusion nor there is going to be any mix-up of which order to prepare first. Once the food items are prepared all the chef needs to do is click on a button and the person in charge of orders is informed.
  2. Update on Changes: A KDS will usually have colour patterns so the chef and those working around the kitchen can see the changes made to the orders. For instance, if there is an addition to the existing order or an order is cancelled the details are immediately updated and displayed on the screen.
  3. Green Kitchen System: Imagine how much paper would be saved with a KDS in place. An environmental friendly kitchen, free of clutter and reduced waste of paper and thousands of trees saved!
  4. Accurate Reports: The point of sale software which is integrated with the kitchen monitor also helps in keeping a track of the restaurants business. You get detailed reports of daily food items ordered and sold, time taken to complete each order, etc. This also helps focusing on areas that need improvement. Based on average time preparation records one can categorize the food preparation staff to those who need more training and to those who are experts and well-organized. Without any paper hassle a kitchen becomes easy to manage and so does an entire restaurant.
  5. Online Order’s Processed Easily: KDS can be integrated with the online ordering system so the chefs can directly get the home delivery orders displayed on the kitchen monitor. This again saves time and adds to the management of kitchen. The orders don’t have to be manually entered into the system. No orders are lost and there is no extra staff that would be required to do the manual entry.

A Kitchen Display System lets your restaurant have a well-organised kitchen in place.

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