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From the blushing teens out on their first date to the young entrepreneur celebrating her first breakthrough in business, restaurants are a world of their own. I remember how rare it used to be for families to visit a restaurant every weekend, but that does not seem odd any longer.

Restaurants have flourished exceptionally well in these recent years especially those which embrace ideas for smart restaurants where millennial happen to love experiencing different cuisines, new ingredients and great entertainment. With more restaurants opening every day, choices abound and it seems to get more and more difficult to stay competitive by coming up with restaurant marketing ideas that can really connect with guests.

Getting Creative with Top 5 Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Entertainment is one way to level up your game and give guests an experience worth coming back for. We have five entertainment ideas to create a more vibrant ambiance in your restaurant. Combine these ideas with the tips to open a successful restaurant and you will see a positive difference in your guests’ perspective of your restaurant.

1. Arcade Games
Most of us are yearning to experience the good old days of arcade gaming once again. A lot of your guests will love reminiscing their childhood days playing these games, and the younger generation simply enjoy these retro-style gaming machines. This is one of those restaurant promotion ideas that will surely increase the foot fall at your restaurant.

2. Slam Poetry
Poetry is once again gaining momentum. More people are beginning to reason why it every faded out and it seems perfect to listen to poetries while you enjoy a cup of coffee and a delicious cake, or chilled beer with your favorite starters. It creates a warm community of people who tend to return to your restaurant more often to be a part of the community.

3. Comedy Nights
This is a classic way of restaurant advertising, and with more and more comedians beginning to go mainstream, comedy nights happens to be the perfect way of attracting more guests.

4. Open Mic
If your restaurant marketing strategies are falling short in their ability to attract the expected number of guests then consider open mic nights. They give budding local artists a chance to show their talent and drive many guests to your restaurant.

5. Photo Booth
Social media has created some new tricks for restaurateurs to improve guest experience. A photo booth simply transforms one corner of your restaurant into “the one place” where every guest would want to take at least one pic.

With these ideas of smart restaurant, you will boost the popularity of your restaurant and also see a higher number of guests coming back because of the brilliant first-time experience.

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