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In recent years, food has become more diverse and varied than it was before. More people choose to eat out. Some just need a change in taste; others are inclined towards exploring new environs to eat their food. This has made restaurants compete in terms of new experiences, flavors and cuisines. However, so very often when I step out for lunch or dinner, I realize that the staffs still approach me with a pen and paper to note down my order.

I think to myself, “Isn’t it time for us to leverage technology and bring mobility to the POS systems as well?” Very few restaurants in India have embraced modern billing systems. Most others continue to use stationary POS systems.

Mobile Restaurant POS Pepper Touch

Here are 3 reasons why these restaurants have overlooked the advantages of a mobile POS:

1. Many Are Concerned About Adaptability
Change may be good, but it isn’t always easy or simple. This is one reason why people avoid or delay changes as far as they can. I know lots of people who use old operating systems just because they are too afraid to learn the new ones.

In a similar way, restaurants have to consider changing their existing systems and updating everything on the new POS. A lot of restaurant owners see it as a tedious and time consuming task.

Seeing beyond the change – What many people miss out on is that the whole process of billing, taking orders, processing these orders at the kitchen and tracking these orders can become streamlined with a mobile POS. It can save a genuine time after the system is installed and is used throughout the restaurant.

2. It Requires A Considerable Capital Investment
Every business scrutinizes any change which requires considerable capital investment. As a business owner, I do it a lot and I realize that most restaurant owners give deep thought to capital investments.

A lot of things like ROI, profits, long term benefits and usefulness of the product are taken into consideration.

Seeing beyond the capital investment – Restaurants often fail to see the increased efficiency and higher guest satisfaction that they may be able to enjoy with a robust mobile POS that delivers effectively.

3. The Staff Will Have To Be Trained
Once you get comfortable with a certain technology, it is difficult to turn everything around and embrace a new technology. Lack of knowledge of the new system is a big hindrance.

This is where training helps business owners prepare to use the new system effectively. But training is cost and time intensive.

Seeing training as an advantage – While the staffs will have to be trained on the new POS system, they will be able to work more productively with mobile POS systems. POS Trainings are usually very short and crisp and the systems are built to be user friendly.

Mobile POS is a mark of changing technologies in the restaurant landscape. While few in India have embraced it, those who use it know how advantageous these systems can be.

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